Grinsphere Biography

GrinSPhere is a DJ and music producer from Madrid, Spain, with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Influenced by electronic music from the early 90s such as English groups like Underworld, Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy and DJ producers like Sasha, his DJ sets have always been characterized by mixing various styles of electronic music, seeking to create a melodic atmosphere and progressively transmit it to the audience. This way of developing his DJ sets over the years has greatly influenced GrinSPhere when creating his own productions. The characteristic melodic atmosphere is present in all his creations, blending electronic sounds of various styles that succeed each other in total harmony.

At the age of 18, GrinSPhere studied sound engineering and specialized in recording, mixing, and mastering. While studying, he continued to perform in clubs and Rave parties, which allowed him to better understand people’s musical tastes and how to make them dance. Over the years, GrinSPhere has continued to learn and has taken several music production courses, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live, the DAW he uses and is a recognized specialist in.

In 2016, GrinSPhere made his debut as a producer with his first EP called «Comte«. A very personal work inspired by the famous cove in Ibiza and released by the Spanish label NXT Recordings. Described by the specialized press as «a regression to artisan melodic techno, made with bass lines that integrate perfectly with the rest of the harmonies» or «transports the listener to a world of ethereal suspense and ‘Afterdark’ fantasies. Essentially, it is techno, but spiritual techno with haunting melodies, mysterious echoes, and themes that evolve on the edge of hallucination…»

Currently, GrinSPhere is the founder and teacher of Electronica Positiva, a personalized music production school that offers courses in production, mixing, and mastering with Ableton Live, as well as DJ courses. His teaching philosophy focuses on the needs and desires of each student, and he has several outstanding students who have founded their own record labels thanks to his teachings.

In addition to his career as a DJ and producer, GrinSPhere has worked with several record labels, including Jambalay Records (Italy), and has made several remixes for other artists on the label, as well as for his own students. He has also released several EPs and songs of different styles, from Break Beat to Tech House.

In summary, GrinSPhere is a complete artist who has developed an impressive career in electronic music and has been a mentor to many emerging artists in the scene. His passion for music and his desire to share his knowledge with others make him an important figure in the music industry.